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Nivaran Ayurveda treatment centre is a home for healing chronic and life style diseases, with facilities to execute all the classical and traditional therapeutic procedures, including Panchakarma. Please book with us if you seek health as your priority.

Nivaran provides an optimum environment and create an opportunity for a healthy prolongation of life with complete well being of mind, body and spirit.

We have highly trained and experienced masseurs with clean and elegant treatment rooms. Male masseurs will do treatment for male patience and female masseurs for female patients in separate treatment rooms for ensuring privacy.

Your doctor will spare sufficient time with every patient to discuss and educate regularly. All patients are admitted and treated under the direct supervision and care of Dr.Bagi.

Discharge summary will be provided to every patient at the time of discharge.

South Indian vegetarian meals, suitable for Ayurvedic treatment is served in an exclusive dining area  and guests can feel homely, private and attentive.

All diseases are not curable by Ayurveda. The result and duration of the treatment may vary from patient to patient. Even Ayurveda can produce adverse effect in some patients. In case of any emergency, patients will be shifted to near by speciality hospitals.

Those who are coming from outside and have serious health issues are requested to bring a bystander. Patients are advised to keep their valuables themselves safely. We welcome meaning full complaints and suggestions.

For any help, contact Ph. 9847329411, 9747039959, 04885 238326, 04872552233.


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