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Can we take non- vegetarian food during the treatment?
Although a number of non-vegetarian food and medicines are described in Ayurveda, consumption of such food is not advised to keep the system to be more receptive to the medicines because of the weak digestive power during the treatment. Light vegetarian food is advisable to assist fast absorption of the medicines and cleansing. Hence I discourage patients from consumption of non-vegetarian food during treatment.
Can I take Ayurvedic medicine along with Allopathic medicine?
There has not been any proven contra indications in doing so as most of the drug components in Ayurveda are natural in origin and unhealthy drug interactions are unlikely. Some of the life saving Allopathic medicines should not be stopped during the treatment. Our doctors will advice you about this during the consultation.
Is there any chance of heavy metal poisoning with Ayurvedic medicines?
Heavy metals are present in the earth and enter our body continuously at low level from various sources. There is a branch in Ayurveda called ‘Rasashasthram’, mainly dealing with metals, chemicals as well as purification and transformation of these metals in to non- toxic forms and doses. While preparing medicines all these substances undergo the prescribed purification and transformation process as described in Ayurvedic texts and undergo stringent quality control, hence they are safe.
What are the things a patient should avoid during the treatment?
Sleep during day time, spicy, cold, non-vegetarian, oily food, alcohol, smocking, overuse of cell phone, watching television for a long time, high cooling air-conditioning, strenuous physical activity, mental strain and sex should also be avoided.
What is Pathya?
Pathya is a regimen of food to be consumed during treatment, which helps to heal and improve the health of the patient. It is there with every system of medicines, like sweets should not be given for diabetic patients, less salt for blood pressure patients, etc.
Is internet facility available in the premises?
Yes, internet WiFi is available in all rooms.
Will you arrange pick up and drop from the railway station / air port?
Yes, we arrange these for those who need it.
Can we go for sight seeing after treatment course?
It is recommended to complete sight seeing trips before the treatment schedule as the doctor may advise you a rest period after the active phase of treatment depending up on your condition and progress of health. This period is considered as the actual stage where your body starts balancing and rejuvenating.
Will there be any internal medicines?
Yes, there will be internal medicines. After the initial consultation doctor will decide.
Will there be any requirement to continue medicines after the treatment?
Post treatment medicines are recommended for those who needs long term treatment to improve their health condition.
Does insurance covers Ayurvedic treatment?
So far they do not cover. However I can provide supporting documents for you to try.

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