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For Dr. Bagi, treating chronic ailments with a holistic approach and helping as many suffering patients as possible is not just a profession but a passion. ‘Nivaran Ayurvedic Health Care’ is conceived and managed by him with his dedicated team of highly trained and experienced staff. Dr Bagi is a well reputed and experienced Ayurvedic physician, hailing from a traditional family of Ayurveda practitioners. His father Dr. Raghavan Vettath is a qualified Ayurveda toxicologist and has penned many literary and scientific books. Having inspired since childhood to become an Ayurvedic doctor, he obtained his medical qualification from the University of Madras during the year 1990. Over the years, he has gained remarkable experience and has developed a unique traditional approach based on scientific principles for diagnosis and treatment. Over years of dedicated practice, he could give relief to several extremely ill domestic and overseas patients. He has travelled far and wide, including overseas, to propagate Ayurveda.

He has cultivated a herbal garden containing large collection of rare and endangered species of medicinal plants with his deep love of the wonders of nature’s bounty for the health care.

A brief conversation with him can change your perception of diseases and sufferings. His intuitive talk and inquisitiveness can heal your heart. He is the friend and teacher of his patients, spending most of his time with them teaching and discussing the wonder of Ayurveda and health problem. Over two decades of experience, he has come across a large number of chronic and seriously ill patients from different parts of the world and could benefit them a happy and healthy life. Dr. Bagi believes that ultimately healing is done by the body and any treatment should go hand in hand with natural immunity of the patient. “The treatment, the nurses and I form the three pillars”. “The fourth pillar is you! And you alone, which cannot be substituted” says Dr. Bagi.

The Nivaran Ayurveda Health Care is situated near the temple town of Guruvayur in Kerala and there is separate center for outpatient department.

Being a perfectionist by nature, he has also set up an integral Ayurvedic medicinal preparation unit catering to the needs of patients for the purpose of treatment with quality assurance where the medicines are custom made for his patients and are not sold outside. He personally oversees the process, right from harvesting to the preparation of medicines, ably supported by his wife and a well trained team. With constant observation and dedication, he has developed a unique combination of medicines for almost all the chronic and life style diseases.
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